Picnic in the skies! Gordan Ramsay Plane Food (Pre-Renovation) – a FoodBites Review


FOODBITES SAYS: “If only planes served this on board!”

WHERE: Heathrow Terminal 5

AVERAGE PRICES: £10~£15 per person


MUST HAVE: Plane Picnics

Note: We visited Plane Food November 2016 before it closed for renovation. It’s Due to Reopen Summer 2017!

Waiting for a flight in T5, you’re spoilt for choice as to what shops to visit and where to eat. For us, we had to give the Gordon Ramsay restaurant a taste!

One quick scan of the menu and our taste buds were tingling. At 10AM in the morning, there was only one thing on our minds, breakfast.

We immediately ordered, one full English, and another of the Japanese variety, (because we just can’t pass up a hot miso on a chilly morning!). However, being foodies with eyes bigger than our stomachs, we also spotted a table card offering up picnics to takeaway. This menu promised a packed three course meal filled with palatable tastes!


  • Caesar salad w pancetta & soft boiled egg
  • Antipasto of salami & buffalo mozzarella
  • Smoked Scottish salmon with an apple, celery & walnut salad
  • Cumbrian honey-roast & Parma ham w slow roast vine tomatoes
  • Fruit salad w vanilla yogurt
  • Cheesecake tart w berries

Below shows the table menu for the Plane Picnic.


The full English was a full let down! Not only did each item look awful, for a restaurant carrying the Gordon Ramsay name, the taste was also sub-par and left us looking longingly at the pub grub across the terminal! Thankfully, when the Japanese breakfast was served, we breathed a sign of relief. The rice was perfectly seasoned, the miso was lovely and steamy, with each sip of umami flavour giving a comforting hug.

But we weren’t done with GR Plane Food… with a 50/50 score for breakfast, we just had to give the world famous chef another chance. We braved our wallets to ordered the Plane Food Picnic to takeaway!

Airplane lunches never tasted so good! (well at least if you travel in economy, first class meals look way better but we’ve never had the good fortune of trying)

Not only were we delighted by the gimmicky cold storage grey lunch bags with plane styled orange stripes, to our second sigh of relief, we also loved the food. It was fresh, colourful and most importantly flavourful! They even grabbed the flight attendants attention, who just had to ask where we got our delicious looking snack packs from. Compliments always get us smiling. Especially food compliments.


First up, we’ll get the bad news out of the way, English breakfast. Not only does it not look like anything special, it didn’t take our tastebuds on a flight of fancy either. Also, did you notice they served us one and a half mushrooms?! And might we add, no toast, no hash, no taste! Bitterly disappointed… And needing to make sure we actually caught our flight, we din’t have the luxury of time to address this with the staff.

Now, on to business, our next breakfast served Japanese style. While presentation was not the best we’d hoped for, the small dishes of pickle, salad, rice, sunny side up, miso and sticky short grain rice with a side of soy was a wonderful relief from the previous dish. seasoning was on point and our favourite was the miso, topped with fresh spring onions and soft fried tofu that soaked up the umami flavour of the soup. delicious!

Next up, the picnic. Once opened, the cold storage bag revealed wonderful treasures that wetted our appetite and the blandness of generic plane food was soon forgotten.

Below are the photos we eagerly took as soon as we opened up both bags like kids at Christmas.

For starters, Caesar salad with pancetta & soft boiled egg. Every bite released salty sweetness, from the crisp lettuce to the briny anchovy and perfect bacon. The dressing was creamy and added a smoothness to bring the salad together. We only wish there was more!

Then, an antipasto selection of cured salami & smooth buffalo mozzarella, with the wonderful addition of olives. This all may be the boredom of normal airplane food speaking, but the picnic felt worlds apart in terms of taste. Maybe it helped that everything was cold instead of hot.

Following the starters, smoked Scottish salmon with an apple, celery & walnut salad. Or what was supposed to be… The picnic bags contained a separate pot of seasoning for the salad such as the apple , celery and walnuts. This was to protect the quality of the dishes from spoiling and the issues of transportation while rushing to catch a plane! Alas, with the confines of economy, and our desire to quickly tuck in, there were a few items, we failed to add to particular dishes. And so, while the salmon was good and rocket was fresh and crisp,  we forgot to add the pot of the tangy apple and celery, we also missed the crunch of the walnuts. Hence, we could not appreciate the chef’s work in its entirety. But we can say, they did taste great! (Opps..) that’ll teach us to rush eating!

Thankfully, the next dish, Cumbrian honey-roast & Parma ham with slow roast vine tomatoes, did not require assembly. We loved the juicy tomatoes, and the rocket added a touch of crisp fresh pepperiness balanced with the saltiness of ham.

To end, a bowl of slice perfectly ripe fresh sweet fruit, (yogurt pot apparently MIA in the photo due to reasons previously described…), and a selection of cute berry topped cheesecakes, (with the pot of berry compote thankfully included in the same container)! If only they were bigger!

We hope you give Gordon Ramsay Plane Food a try when it reopens Summer 2017! Particularly supplementing the dreary boredom that is economy airplane food with the fabulous takeaway picnic!

Word of advice, (or wisdom earned in hindsight), remember to add the individual little pots to finish off the dishes to the corresponding menu items! We hope you enjoy!

Do let us know if you enjoyed it, or even if you didn’t! We look forward to reading your thoughts on this place too. If you have any suggestions for other dishes we should try next or other places you’d recommend please post a comment below!





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