Rich & Creamy 18hr Ramen Broth – Kanada-Ya – a FoodBites REVIEW

TASTE: 4/5         SERVICE: 3/5     ATMOSPHERE & DECOR: 3/5

FOODBITES SAYS: “Warm and cosy, just what I needed”

WHERE: 64 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8LE

AVERAGE PRICES:  £10 – £15 per person


MUST HAVE: Extra Hard noodles – for the ramen connoisseur! 

Early February in London is not the time to be standing out in the cold, especially if you’re hungry, especially if its dark, and especially if you’re known to be cranky before dinner time! But if you want Kanada-ya, you know there’ll be a queue! As forewarned as I was, expecting to wait for up to 45 minutes (!), for these well-known sumptuous noodles and broth, particularly on a Thursday night, I was pleasantly surprise for the 15 minute wait on a well worn little wooden bench provided outside. From the bench where I sat trying to be patient, I could hear the chatter and laughs from the people sitting on their own benches inside mixed with the clang and the bustle from the hot steamy kitchen. What a wonderful sound on a cold windy dark Thursday night!

The sounds of the restaurant welcomed us as we sat by the windows and slurped our way through the menu!


  • Truffle Edamame – with Black Truffle Salt
  • Spicy Yuzu Paste
  • Tonkotsu – Hard noodles
  • Charshu Men – Hard noodles
  • Kaedama – Extra Hard noodles
  • PickledMustard Greens with sesame seeds, Pickled Ginger – accompaniments (on the table)


Enjoyable! Ordering and service was prompt, except for a small hiccup when we ordered additional extra hard noodles to slurp up the remaining broth, we were unexpectedly forgotten. Although we had only noticed after 20 minutes, distracted from the easy atmosphere, as we were gently nudged for our bowls, we suddenly remembered our extra order! The waitress was surprised and notified the gentleman that seated us. With great shock at forgetting our order, he apologised genuinely and gave us our noodles on the house. Excellent.

See below for photos from our experience..

Below is the photo for the edamame with black truffle salt. The beans smelt flavourful and tastes of black truffle came through with every delicious nugget of edamame. Scrumptious!

Next here shows the Chashu-Men with charshu pork and the gorgeous 18 hour pork bone broth, decorated with wood ear fungus, seaweed & spring onion.

And, this photo shows the Tontoksu, 18 hour pork bone broth, with charshu pork belly, wood ear mushrooms, seaweed & spring onion. On the side, the spicy yuzu paste and adjacent, the the table pickles, also a must try! Be warned, the spicy yuzu paste really is spicy! However, it really does pack a delicious tanginess which we love.

Both ramen sat in rich, creamy broths, overloaded with umami flavour. To compare the two we would say the Tonkustsumen was the saltier of the two and may be too strong for some lighter palates, but a bit of zingy pickle, cuts through the richness and maybe a sip of green tea will help fix that!

If you haven’t been here, or haven’t yet experienced the heavenly flavours of 18 hour pork bone broth, we urge you to give Kanada-Ya a try!

Let us know if you do try out Kanada-Ya, do comment below your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you! Or if you know other places that serve great ramen, please send it our way!





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