FoodBites: RECIPE – Candied Meatball Parcels




  • Mince Pork 80:20 (suggested meat:fat ratio)
  • Pancetta (alternative = Bacon, but won’t be as crispy)
  • Thyme (dried and crushed)
  • Paprika (powder)
  • Cayenne Pepper (powder)
  • Brown Sugar (granulated)
  • Salt (sea salt, amount to taste)


This recipe was inspired by that delicious sweet/savoury flavour sensation when sugar caramelises on crispy salty pancetta and mixes into the umami juices of beautifully seasoned pork.

While this recipe has been tagged with ‘canapé’, its more like a go to recipe when you just get that sweet & salty meat craving!



  1.  Mix together spices Thyme, Paprika, Salt and Cayenne Pepper in a small bowl
  2. With the mince pork, in a bowl create a concave shape and sprinkle in the spice mixture. Fold the mince in and repeat until the spice mixture is well incorporated
  3. Layout 2 Pancetta slices in an X-Shape.
  4. Grab a small scoop from the Mince pork mixture and roll into a ball about the size of a ping pong  ball
  5. Place the ball in the centre of the Pancetta X
  6. Grabbing one of the Pancetta slices, wrap around and upward, covering the mince ball. Repeat with the other slice. Twist together the ends of the Pancetta slices at the top. Repeat until you have run out of meat. (Tip; If you like a bit of extra caramelised pancetta, as shown in the photo above, be sure to make the tips of the slices stick out more prominently at the top. If you enjoy a softer bite, place the ends of the pancetta flat while encircling around the meatball – they good both ways, why not try out both styles…).
  7. Place these parcels in a foil lined pan.
  8. Sprinkle the brown sugar over the parcels. Making sure there is a good coverage on each piece.
  9. Place in a pre-heated oven at 180C / Gas mark 4 / 360F – for 15- 20 mins. Towards the end, for that extra crispy touch, set on GRILL/BROIL so that the tops get a wonderful char to melt that sugar. If you’re extra chef-y, you can use a cook’s blow torch to make those parcels extra special – gently heat the parcels around the sides and the tops if needed until your parcel’s crispiness is satisfied.

Caution; Oven performance varies as does the cook time depending the size of the meatball parcels you created.


The spices mentioned in the ingredients list above are all suggestions. Feel free to adjust, tweak and alter the spice mix  or mice:fat ratio as you like!

We’ve kept it on the simple side just for the basics, but if you like it with an extra kick or perhaps you’ve got a sweeter side, we suggest adding an extra dash of chill flakes and maybe a touch of maple syrup to finish off!

Enjoy your FoodBites!


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