Foodbites : Just some things about us

Join us as we chronicle our foodie adventures and experiences!

In a nutshell, this blog is where we’ll be sharing our thoughts & emotions on the restaurants we visit,  food we eat & snacks we munch on, as well sharing easy recipes of our  very own. While we don’t possess any official qualifications in chef-ing or otherwise, we do have great passion and even better tastes!

Our reviews consist of a mix of well known restaurants and eateries, as well as unique cafes and diners on the quirkier side of town! From the high-end to downright budget eats, join us as we romp through cities & countries in search of the most interesting food and experiences around!

To top it off, we’ll also be kitchen-testing a few culinary tricks, and tools of the trade, so keep an eye out for those, you might just learn something..!

We are always tempted by new cafes and restaurants. No flavour is too weird for us, so if you think there are any places or foods you think we should get our hands on, get in touch and let us know! Most places are not always consistent and do change as much as the seasons, so if you’ve also tried the places we’ve visited, we would love to hear your thoughts too!

You can keep up with us on:


Youtube: foodbitesyt

Pinterest: foodbitesyt

Twitter: @foodbitesyt


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